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 Code of Ethics


Interpersonal Ecology :

Membership in the International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Federation (hereinafter "INLPF") commits its members to adherence to the INLPF Code of Ethics and to the standards used to implement it.

INLPF members will respect the dignity and worth of each individual. They will show respect for the integrity of others by responding to each person's unique resources and by appropriately recognizing and responding to the differences among people.

Personal Accountability :

INLPF members shall provide only those services for which they are qualified by education, training, or experience. Should a member recognize any personal limitations or problems that might interfere with providing service to others, they shall seek advice and counsel from one who is qualified to give it.

Members shall seek to promote integrity in the study, teaching, practice and development of NLP.

INLPF members will make every effort to continue to expand the limits of their own models of the world, and to increase their competence through new learning.

Respect for Other Professions :

INLPF members will sufficiently understand the competencies of related fields to make appropriate referrals to other professions. INLPF members will show respect for professionals in related fields by learning and acknowledging their customary procedures when interacting with them.

Public Representation of NLP :

When providing services, INLPF members shall present the nature and purpose of their approach in language that can be understood and evaluated by other people. They will openly and freely represent the nature of outcomes and techniques used in providing such services. Should it become reasonably clear that the services provided by a member are not benefiting the recipient; the member shall terminate those services.

Statements made by INLPF members to the public will provide balanced representations of the NLP model and its limits. Such statements will be aimed to inform the public about NLP and to assist the public in making informed decisions and choices.

Familiarity with the Code of Ethics :

Members shall familiarize themselves with this Code of Ethics and its application to their work.

Improper Complaints :

Members shall not file or encourage the filing of ethics complaints that are frivolous and are intended to harm the respondent rather than to protect the public.




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